Where to Stay in Dublin

hotel-of-the-week-dean-dublin-where-to-stay-2A wide range of hotels are available in Dublin city center, but be prepared to pay the price. Hotels in Dublin are generally expensive, however; they can range from luxurious five stars to basic three-star accommodations. Value for money is guaranteed from the inner city five-star hotels, the location, customer service, and amenities are the best to offer.

Country resorts and comfort stays can be found just outside the city, if people seek a quieter stay and they offer a warm, entertaining, and comforting experience in an open space which can offer relaxing spa treatments and even golf courses that boast some of the best golfing experiences in Europe. It is advised to rent a car if anyone stays outside the city as taxi prices are very expensive in Dublin.

It is not all about luxurious accommodations in Dublin as there are good youth hostels for the social and outgoing types at affordable prices. Some youth hostels in Dublin offer great entertainment options and pick up services. Group games, events, and pub crawls are the norm and are sure to leave you with a memorable experience, and an opportunity to meet new and interesting people. Hostels and hotels are generally the best way to get information on places to go and see.

There is a middle ground for those who enjoy a good central location within the city that offers entertainment options and affordable accommodation, Bed and Breakfasts, or B&B’s as they are often referred to, offer the best prices for a comfortable stay that includes a breakfast in the morning. They are very common all over the city and will certainly have the B&B sign outside, however; early booking online is often the safest plan to guarantee accommodation.

The summer months may prove a little difficult to find accommodation but not impossible. Many of the holiday goers arrive in the summer months, but the business visitors will have left by then, therefore, making space for tourists arriving just as they leave.