When to Visit Ireland

cliffsmoherPeople who are planning a trip to Ireland and catch the Mairtin O’Connor Band should plan carefully and book in advance. The summer months in Ireland are June, July, and August. Temperatures can range between 12-27°C. There is a less likely chance of rain during these months, although you can expect a few showers on some days. It is advised to carry rain gear when traveling around and expect a lot of wind also. The West coast is statistically the wettest area of Ireland with the most rainfall. The Atlantic Ocean provides Ireland with a lot of rain and wind.

The music scene in Ireland is alive all year around, rain, hail, or snow, the party will go on. A cozy traditional pub with a blazing fire will provide a great atmosphere to soak in some of the music from the Mairtin O’Connor Band. Once the music gets going and the drinks are flowing, you will easily forget about the cold, wind, and rain of a winter’s night.

Unlike some countries, there is no tourist season here, it is generally consistent all year round and has improved a lot over the last couple of years, especially through the economic downturn. Dublin airport reported that a record-breaking 2.6 million passengers passed through in September 2016 alone.

The summer months are the best for the outdoor type. The mountain ranges in Co. Kerry in the West of Ireland are a scene of natural beauty, an absolute must see for any hill walker or mountain climber, but for the easy going type, the Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare is an absolute must see for anyone visiting Ireland. The West coast of Ireland is also famed for its high tide waves which are generally all year around, so surfers are always welcome at any time of the year.