Traveling in Ireland

Dunluce Castle

Ireland is known for its friendly citizens, fun filled atmosphere, breath-taking scenery, and colorful green surroundings. The primary language is English although Gaelic is spoken in some parts and in some cases, even sung in traditional music. The climate is generally overcast with sun showers and temperatures are mainly cold especially at night.

Ireland consists of four provinces and each has its own counties. The province up North is Ulster, East is Leinster, the South is Munster, and the West is known as Connacht. The Capitol city of Dublin is located in Leinster on the Eastern coast. This is where most tourists visit which is usually busy during the day and the nightlife has a reputation for being alive and buzzing.

Outside Dublin, there are mostly grassy plains and farms with scattered towns to pass by that each has their own unique character. The south of Ireland, you will find the city of Cork. Cork is a busy port city with famous cheese and sausage factories. The West part of Ireland is where you can find natural and unspoiled beauty, the scenery is truly breathtaking and Galway city is a must visit. Up North, you can find the main city of Belfast. Belfast is famous for its contribution to building the famous RMS Titanic ship that tragically struck an iceberg and sunk in 1912. Here you can find a very popular museum dedicated to that tragic event. Getting around Ireland is easy.

During the economically booming years, Ireland developed more infrastructures and put a lot of money into roads to connect every county through motorways. Traveling by car is the best way to get around here, but there are buses and trains to take you anywhere else. The services, however, are not 24hr so careful planning and booking are advised. In the main cities, there are public service buses to take you around and in Dublin; there is an additional train and tram service available.