Popular Degree Choices Among Irish Youth

images-1Ireland is a popular study location, as some of the best universities worldwide are here. Also, Ireland is a beautiful country with a rich history, full of monuments and impressive natural landmarks. The country occupies the 8th place in the Top 500 universities list. If you are planning to get your degree from an Irish institution, you can search for the subject that interests you the most.

The programs cover a broad selection in different fields, starting with business, up to the humanitarian department, arts and architecture, technology and many more.

Don’t miss the opportunity to seek the specific program you feel closer to at popular bachelor’s programs. Cities such as Dublin, Maynooth, Cork, Limerick or Galway are the best option when it comes to study in Ireland. The most popular programs are taught on three to four years. The most asked for subject is Business and Computer Engineering. Law, Journalism, Foreign Languages, Structural Engineering, Education, Politics and Arts complete the list.

Many students that study a bachelor’s program often stay in Ireland for another two to three years for a Master’s Degree. Of course, the choice of enrolment is always dictated by the highest offer of jobs and the highest income on the market. Technology and science programs will be skyrocketing, in the near future, not surprisingly, with companies making big investments – which in turn created many jobs in their field. Engineering, computer science, design and software development are also supporting the list.

The educational system in Ireland has two types of bachelor programs: ordinary and honours degrees. Each type has its own admission rules, but the honours degree tends to be more competitive and difficult, starting with the admission program, up until graduation. The courses always vary from the ordinary bachelor program. In addition, the opportunities after admission are greater for the graduates of these special programs.