Nightlife in Dublin

dublin-trip-2006_2393Dublin’s nightlife is an exciting and vibrant experience. Many clubs stay open well into the early hours, and pubs and bars are rife with live music and entertainment options. Expect busy bars that you may have to push your way in the door, but these are often the most exciting ones.

Ever since the smoking ban was incorporated in 2004, Ireland’s pub scene took a big hit and some places had to close. Over the years, however, bars and pubs have adapted to this and opened big spaces outside with shelters that are within the regulations, and the pub scene was alive again. It is these smoking areas that you will often have a better chance of meeting new people as they are generally quieter and conversations can be heard more clearly when talking to people.

Gastro pubs and craft brewing have excelled in the last few years in Dublin alone. These places offer a quiet and comforting atmosphere with good quality drinks. The décor is usually casual and contemporary, and you won’t be bothered with loud music so it’s a good type of place to go with friends for a drink and a chat.

For the nightclubbing type of people, there is no shortage of places to go for a good dancing to some talented DJs. Expect lighting effects, fog machines, strobe lights, and even the odd bubble party in some well-themed places to visit.

A good point to remember is that the drinks can be expensive and most places hike up their prices after 12pm. What most people do is have a drink at home, hostel, or hotel and drink with friends before going out. Some places might seem quiet before 10 pm, so maybe take the opportunity to enjoy a quiet drink before the place fills up or join some friends in a house before going into town.