Introduction to the band

mairtinoconnorbandThe Mairtin O’Connor Band is one of Ireland’s leading traditional Irish Bands. They primarily perform all over Ireland, so it is hard to say exactly where they are based out of. Fortunately, Ireland is a small island, so finding them won’t take long. The band has been performing for quite some time now, but it wasn’t until 2011 that they really got things up and running and have been moving forward ever since.

Their most successful albums are; Crossroads, and Going Places. Both albums reflect the atmosphere and livelihood of Irish traditional music. There is a term used in Ireland to describe a great band and without hesitation, the term Craic Agus Ceoil can certainly be used, Craic meaning great fun and Ceoil meaning music.

Mairtin O’Connor, Cathal Hayden, and Seamie O’Dowd are permanent members and what sets them apart from other bands is that they have a great passion for traditional Irish music. When they are performing as a trio, they have been described as meaning business and achieving art. Over the years, their combined influence has worked its way into the melodies and harmonies of their albums, and fans will experience the value and passion of this truly sublime music.

The progression of the Mairtin O’Connor Band has taken them to newer heights, and they keep moving forward and performing in bigger venues with other famous musicians. To perform with Christy Moore is a daunting task; however, the group displayed their professionalism and confidence throughout the performance. Every performance is a masterpiece of great musicianship and lifelong fans along with newly made fans who are never disappointed. It is no wonder that they won the Gradam Ceoil Award in front of a crowd of well-known celebrities and famous musicians. This illustrious award is described as the Irish equivalent to the Grammy’s and was greatly deserved for all their hard work.