Eating out in Ireland

beer-oystersAll over Ireland, you will find attractive dishes overflowing with flavor, presented in a way to suit royalty. Irish beef is one of Europe’s finest quality fish, with mussels and oysters, a delicacy perfected to the highest standards.

A must try is the Irish stew, this hearty dish filled with lamb and vegetables is sure to warm the blood during a cold winters night. This dish is the most traditional meal you can eat and only mastered to perfection in Ireland. An ideal place to find this dish would be outside the cities in the small town pubs. Another traditional dish is the Guinness Steak Pie; this will sure get the taste buds going and often found in the same type of location as the Irish stew.

Without question, Dublin and Galway city offers the best type of seafood. They are big on the fishing industry and can guarantee the freshest seafood. In the north side of Dublin, you can find the most popular seafood restaurants in a town called Howth. This town is not only beautiful and picturesque, but it is also famous for its seafood in Ireland. A popular dish is the Surf and Turf; this is a combination of seafood and red meat. It is a highly recommended dish throughout the country.

A lot of European dishes have made it across the Irish Sea. Many types of restaurants are available and takeaway food is very popular among the late-night party goers, so even in the early hours of the morning, there are options. Prices are fair in the majority of places, but there are very expensive restaurants in some places, most places have the menu on the window so decisions can be made before entering.

Something to note about eating out in Ireland is that all restaurants and eateries are heavily regulated by the food safety authorities; therefore, you can be guaranteed very clean standards in the kitchen and quality fresh foods.