Dublin’s Top Attractions

ireland-dublin-trinityIf people are planning to see the Mairtin O’Connor Band during the evenings then there are plenty of entertaining options during the day. Top of the list has to be Tayto Park which is located in Co. Meath, about an hour’s drive from Dublin, and is on the site where they make the famous Tayto crisps. This park offers something for everybody, a relaxing walk around the factory to witness how the crisps are made for the easy-paced goers, thrilling roller coasters for the adrenaline junkies, kid’s parks and playgrounds for the little ones, a zoo with lions and tigers, and restaurants that offer great quality and affordable food.

The Temple Bar is a very popular area located in the heart of the city center. Here, you can expect a trip through time in this almost medieval style part of the city. The cobblestone roads will present you with an array of pubs, restaurants, shopping, and live music. This is where you can expect to see a lot of street performers and buskers.

If you fancy a break from the city but don’t want to travel too far, then the Phoenix Park is the place to visit. The Phoenix Park was originally a deer park, but got redesigned and its landscape is now 1752 acres large, one of the largest designed landscapes in Europe. Here, you can enjoy a peaceful walk through the scenery and if you are lucky, you may spot a wild deer or two. The park is also popular with runners so if you fancy a good stretch of the legs, this is the place to do it as the misty mornings can provide good clean air and keep you cool. Not too far inside this park, you can find the Dublin Zoo. Dublin Zoo is a well maintained zoo filled with exotic, ferocious, and adorable animals. Unlike some animal sanctuary’s, Dublin Zoo concentrates its business on informing their visitors on the animals habitats, diets, and attitude.