City Guides/Ireland: Most Beautiful Places in Ireland

Ireland should be on the bucket list of any wild landscape lover. Many of Ireland’s beautiful countryside, villages and natural attractions were used in the backdrop of many famous Hollywood movies. One episode of the iconic Star Wars series was filmed on the Skellig Michael Island, on the coast of Country Kerry.

The Cliffs of Moher, one of Ireland’s most iconic attractions offers a splendid 8 km long walk on the coastline. The natural stone walls were carved hundreds of millions of years ago, by a gigantic river passing between the Twelve Pins and Maum Turk mountains.2361307_f3afd2eb

The beautiful cliff scenario makes a great place for spending time outside with the nature doing activities such as hiking, trekking or golf playing.

The Ring of Kerry is one of the most walked through trails. It is 120 miles long and passes through a variety of natural environments, such as meadows, glacial lakes, high mountains, and it is house to a wild red deer UNESCO World Heritage reservation.

In the north side of the country, the Giant Causeway continues to marvel both scientists and ordinary people with the nature’s precision to creating perfectly hexagonal basalt rock columns.

Skellig Island is on route of other popular touristic attractions, which houses a 6th century old monastery complex. As one climbs all the 600 steps which lead to the monastery remains, he can admire the beautiful birdlife. Black Guillemots, Gannets, Razorbills, Cormorants or Herring Gulls are some of the species that are spotted in this region.

Glenveagh National Park is spread over 14,000 acres. An adventure into this national park offers different attractions, from hiking to fishing, drinking tea at the 19th century castle, watching rare wildlife, such as red deer or Golden Eagle.

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