This site is dedicated to the Mairtin O’Connor Band. The Martin O’Connor band features Cathal Hayden and Seamie O’Dowd as a trio piece group and Jim Higgins completes the full band when required. The band is primarily based in Ireland; however these men have brought their attractive and charming music all across Europe, United States, and Canada. Furthermore, they have taken the stage with the renowned Christy Moore on various occasions. Their experience is illustrated throughout the music industry and in 2015; Mairtin was awarded the Gradam Ceoil Award for musician of the year which was aired on live television.

Their music will certainly give you a taste of Ireland which is the best place to catch them. Ireland or the Emerald Isle as it is sometimes called is the land of myth and folklore where this delightful music is inspired from. The Mairtin O’Connor Band regularly performs all around Ireland, and the best way to see and experience them is at a live venue, and many fans may want to plan a trip in advance to see them in their glory performing live onstage in Ireland.

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People who are interested in finding out more about the Mairtin O’Connor Band will find all the information right here on this site. Whether you are just finding out about their music now or are already a fan, you are sure to find all of the details that will help you connect with the band and their music.